Today lets us continue to share u a case on how we help a sister boss of a company to claim the GRANT and get 2 brand new iPhone 13 !!!

Here is how the case goes on. One day, A customer look for us to know more information about the iPhone 13 Pro Max 256 GB package. But, if the customer just signs up for our 128 main line package, the top-up price for iPhone 13 Pro Max 256 GB is RM4350. Quite Expensive.

Since the customer is running her personal business. So we recommend that customers convert their post-paid packages under their company name. Accordingly, customers are eligible to apply for government grant.


The following are the proposals we proposed to our customers to have a better understanding of grant rebates and benefits under different package options!!!

Option A : 

proposal a
  • Simply convert the current personal line to the company name to claim grant rebates.
  • Just need to pay RM90 monthly after claiming the grant. ( originally RM128 monthly)
  • Enjoy a rebate of up to RM1449 for iPhone 13 Pro Max 256 GB, you just need to pay RM4350 ( original price RM5799).
  • Free e-SMS and Voice Go worth RM672
  • Able to enjoy benefits up to RM3043 !!!

By the way, the customer’s sister is also very interested in our iPhone 13 pro 256 Gb package. In case the customer and her sister want to sign up for the iPhone 13 package, here is the proposal for option B

Option B :

  • For option B, customers will need to convert their 2 main lines under the company name.
  • After they claim the grant, they total just need to pay RM179 for every month only !!! ( originally RM256/ month)
  • They will also get a total RM2862 rebate for their iPhone 13. ( Just need to pay RM8336 for 2 iPhone 13 pro & pro max)
  • Free e-SMS and Voice Go worth RM672
  • Able to enjoy benefits up to RM5377 for this package!!!

Moreover, they ask whether it is possible to add a maxis fiber to enjoy unlimited data? No Problem !!! Here is the option C proposal !!!

Option C : 

proposal option c

This is how we suggest and provide information to our customers. If you are running a business and interested in how to apply grant or package as above, u can contact us for more information!! As always, we will also provide a proposal based on the package u want. It’s all free !!!

So don’t hesitate u contact us now !!! Also, don’t forget to share this with your friends or leave a comment !!!

We are free to ask if you have any questions.