First of all, we all know that sometimes the modem on but the internet cannot get access so for this kind of the problem we have to troubleshoot it.

Next, This is the step how to troubleshoot a modem if you are a maxis user.


Method of troubleshoot

  • Check if any due that are not paid before.
  • Then, verify that Lan 2 connected with router WAN port.
  • Check the DSL light and internet light is green or red if red you have to contact maxis.
  • Then, try to off and wait for 30 second and on back.
  • After that access to your maxis router by connect the IP address at the behind of router.


  • Check the status currently you are in
  • Then, go to the service page and look for TCP/IP and make it as automatically.
  • After that, go for control panel and choose network and connection.
  • Not only that, choose properties and go local area connection and go to TCP/IP protocol
  • Lastly, check it that it currently on auto or not and if the problem exist call maxis

Finally, this how the method to troubleshoot if you cannot access internet and if the problem is persistent contact maxis for more.


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