First of all, people usually tells internet is bad and internet teach us bad ethics but if we go for a good side we wont feel such things.

Next, Internet will help us and teach us in many ways but some dont know to use such good information that are from internet.


Advantage of using internet

  • First, Can be search for useful information about our world and society.
  • Then, Kids or even adult gets educated by search regarding their studies.
  • Next, Can solve problems that we have that about studies or to repair something.
  • After that, We can listen any songs or watch any movie by a internet to chill ourself.

Importance of Internet

  • First, internet can help us to settle down our task more easily.
  • Then, can use internet to shopping the product we needed if we are busy to buy.
  • After that, Make new friends by internet but we have to find that which more good or bad.
  • Later, Easy to book for ticket to have travel with family so last minute we can have our own ticket.

As a conclusion, this is the advantage and importance of using internet by we searching for good there might be also bad things surrounded us so we have to avoid it.

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