Welcome to my blog! and thank you so much for stopping by.Today we are gonna discuss about the  pros and cons of Internet Of Things but before that we will slightly discuss about “WHAT IS INTERNET OF THINGS” or shortly known as IoT. Ok What is IoT ? The Internet of Things describes the process of linking all key devices and items all through the globe to the web.

The internet access is a wonderful thing; it allows us to do stuff we never had before. Consider your cellphone before it became a smartphones if you had been born in the 1989s. Yeah, you could call and text, but nowadays you can watch any film or listen to any music on your smartphone.

Internet Of Thing

What are the Pros of Internet Of Things?

Speedy Operation

  • Most of this information enables us to do multiple tasks at incredible speeds. Technology, for example, makes automation easier.
  • Intelligent companies simplify operational functions, allowing employees to dedicate their time and energy to more difficult tasks.


  • A most great feature of IoT is huge savings. The Iot devices will be widely used if the price of tagging and monitoring equipment is less than the sum of money saved.
  • IoT is basically helpful to individuals around the globe by enabling devices to communicate with one another in an efficient way, therefore saving and saving effort, Time and money.


  • As seen in the previous example, the amount of time saved as a results of IoT could be large. And, in present era, we could do with a little additional time.
Things of internet

What are the Cons of the Internet Of Things?


  • There is presently no standards for device marking and tracking. A common idea, like USB or Bluetooth, is desired, that should also not be hard to implement.


  • It is really potential that the software would be stolen and your private details would be used. The options are endless. Anyone could be put at risk when the prescriptions is changed or your bank details is taken. As an end, the user is responsible for all safety risks.


  • Using IoT, protecting the privacy. All data must be encrypted so that details about your economic state or how much milk you consume aren’t transmitted with colleagues or relatives.

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This Internet of Things does have a lot of promise in making our lives easier across areas such as healthcare, travel, and farming. Different factors, including such security, privacy, and data management, should, however, be factored. It’s also good to remember that things have been connected to networks without the title “Internet – Of – things” for a looooong period.

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