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What is the Internet of Things

IoT Connectivity

When ‘things’ or assets, such as vehicles, billboards, cold storage units, or industrial machines, are linked to a network and can send and receive data about temperature, weight, location, or other factors, this is referred to as Machine to Machine communication (M2M).

When these machines or assets have the intelligence to communicate with one another and update central management systems autonomously in real time, we call this the Internet of Things (IoT).

IoT can help you create new business opportunities, increase industry productivity, and provide greater security for your organisation. Maxis, in collaboration with Vodafone, brings you the best IoT technology and experts from around the world.

Benefits of Maxis IoT Connectivity for your business

Fit for Purpose

Fit for Purpose

  • Designed for your business needs.ย 
  • Ability to integrate with your existing system.
  • Real-time monitoring for control and visibility.

Worry-Free With Predictable Cost

  • Widest connectivity across Malaysia and neighbouring countries.
  • Future-proof your IoT investments.
  • Plan and budget accurately.
IoT Connectivity

Secure By Design

  • Multiple layers of security for your business.
  • Manage risks through controlled access.
  • Data privacy assured.

Do you want to find out more about Maxis IoT Connectivity?

Best IoT Performance on the No.1 4G LTE Network

Maxis Maxperts

Maxperts Support

Experience piece of mind with our reliable 24/7 hotline support team.

Optimum Performance

Optimum Performance

Enjoy seamless connectivity &ย optimum speed on the Maxis LTE network.

Quick and Easy Deployment

Quick and Easy Deployment

IoT Terminals bundled with connectivity for faster deployment.

IOT Device and Connectivity

Single Bill for Device and Connectivity

All your IoT Terminals, connectivity and solutions will be charged under the same bill.

Bring the Power of IoT to Your Business

Maxis wants to make businesses smarter with IoT

Maxis IoT solutions will be tailored to your specific business requirements, with integration to existing systems. With its extensive 4G network, it aims to provide seamless connectivity throughout the country as well as to neighbouring countries. Maxis will also ensure multiple layers of security for greater data privacy for added peace of mind.

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leave your contact details with us and we’ll call you.

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