Introduction to IoT

Firstly, IoT is known as Internet of Things that brings the world all new and AI Technology.

Then, an IoT ecosystem is made up of web-enabled smart devices. Use embedded systems like processors, sensors, and communication hardware.

After that, IoT can also use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. This make data collection easier and more dynamic.

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Top 1: Amazon Alexa


  • Alexa is Amazon’s cloud-based voice service.
  • We can use Alexa to create natural voice experiences that provide customers to use it as user friendly when command.
  • This device is currently increasing in market as well for example in china most house have this device and even in Malaysia they using currently.


Top 2: Google glasses


google glass
  • Google Glass, or simply Glass, is a smart glasses brand that features an optical head-mounted display in the shape of a pair of glasses.
  • Wearers use natural language voice commands to communicate with the Internet.



Top 3: Smart Watch

  • A smartwatch is a portable gadget that is meant to be worn on the wrist.
  • The function is similar to smartphone but not exactly
  • Furthermore, Its used when we are use to do outdoor sportsĀ 
  • The functions is to check our heartbeats and to track our sports and calories

Top 4: Smart Tv


smart tv
  • Smart TV provides access to a wide number of channels that provide TV programs, movies, and music without the need for a TV antenna.
  • In addition, some smart TVs allow you to browse the web and play games.

Top 5: Smart Refrigerator

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  • Smart refrigerators include a touchscreen interface and may connect to the internet through Wi-Fi to give a variety of extra functionalities.
  • Smart refrigerators have inbuilt cameras.
  • More flexible user-controlled cooling choices.
  • Ability to interact with smartphone when we are not in home.

This is the top 5 IoT devices that currently in Malaysia but will be more in the future but before that we all need a good connection to access to this top 5 IoT devices so we have a plan in maxis to get a good connection and to use it without any lagging issues in the future and these are the plan to lowest to the highest;

maxis plan

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