Maxis Connectivity IoT/M2M

(Using IOT RF and Submission in SFDC)

Get the IoT Connectivity expertise you need for your business.

Connectivity IoT

Sharing with you M2M Flex Plan, you need to use IOT RF instead of M2M RF. Submission needs to be done in SFDC. Refer example on how to fill in Section B (example customer would like to sign up for 15MB M2M data, you can choose Tier 2 package where the data is between 11MB-20MB data which cost RM8/month):

If the customer does not need fixed IP, then you tick on the Dynamic IP (machine 1C) as per the yellow highlight below. If the customer needs fixed IP, then you tick on the Static IP (Machine 1D) and for fixed IP, the customer will be charged RM6 per month. The SIM card will be sent by ECO teams once the order is processed. 

Maxis IoT Form

Below is the price list

Maxis IoT M2M Plan
Maxis IoT M2M Flexi Plan

Maxis Business M2M/IoT SIM Card is easy to activate and get started with your IoT project.

Maxis Business IoT Portal

For the first time register, it takes 7-10 working days, because of the need to do a credit check of the company via BCC teams. Verified and confirm with the company director to make sure it is genuine.

After the M2M/IoT Sim card activation then we will provide you the username & password to the person in charge email. It needs another 3-5 working days.


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