Maxis Business & Postpaid plans. Which having:


Above is our Maxis Business Postpaid plan.

 All our postpaid plan is shareable data and unlimited calls & SMS. Customer can also choose to add on our Maxis Business Fibre to enjoy unlimited data up to 8 mobile line per fibre plan.

As below, let us share with you how to apply Maxis’ postpaid plan with an example case.


maxis business broadband

Here is the case, when an international SME decided to set up a factory in Malaysia, they want to subscribe to Maxis postpaid 98 for their employees.

One of the main reasons they chose Maxis is because Maxis provides a large amount of mobile data that can be share with others, and all post-paid plans are unlimited calls and SMS. Moreover. Maxis is also widely consider as the Best telco company in Malaysia.


In addition, all employees of the company who have subscribed to the maxis post-paid plan can claim a new phone. For this company, they chose the Samsung Galaxy S21 worth RM3699.

By subscribing to postpaid plan 98 with maxis, they can enjoy a discount up to RM1000, which means they only need to pay RM2699 to get a Samsung Galaxy S21 worth RM3699.

maxis business

The following are the specifications of Samsung Galaxy S21. As we can see, it is equipped with 5G wifi, space zoom camera and 5nm AP. This is the latest specification on the market. For now, u can just bring it back by RM2699 if you subscribe with Maxis here.

maxis business

After some explanation regarding the postpaid plan, the company has agreed to sign up with maxis postpaid plan 98. In this case, the company needs to fill up some registration documents to complete the subscription. The document is shown below.

maxis business

Letter of request

maxis business

Registration form

maxis business

Registration form cop

When document stuff is complete, we will show the record of the submission and all the things that are under processing.

maxis business

After that, Maxis will send an email to customers for payment. They will need to make a payment to Maxis before they get their phone.

maxis business

Once Maxis receive your payment, your phone is under delivery to your address!

maxis business

So, this is one of the cases of the example with have deal with a company. Other than that, if u want to convert your personal number to a business number to claim the government grant or open a new line, u can also look for us.

We are an authorize distributor of Maxis. Whether you are a large company, a small company, or a personal purpose. If you need help, just contact us here instead of rushing around looking for a maxis center.

We will tell you all the documents you need, and provide you with advice and guide you from beginning to end.

We are free to ask if you have any questions.
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