Maxis contract Check Renewal for New Smart Phone Device

Maxis contract Check

Maxis is known as one of Malaysia’s top 5G networks. Users can also use Maxis contract Check Renewal for New Smart Phone Device. With this, Maxis Postpaid 188 is the top choice out of the Maxis user.

Not only that, taking into account the different needs of customers, Maxis also roll out different kinds of packages such as Postpaid 158, Postpaid 128, and Postpaid 98.  

Depending on customer data usage, they can choose which plan is the most suitable for them. And as most telco company provides, Maxis also provide shareable data, unlimited calls & SMS in the postpaid package.

Moreover, customers can also choose to add on maxis business fiber in the same package. For more information, u can refer to the picture below.

Maxis contract Check

Now, let’s share some cases where customers who want to check their maxis business postpaid contracts. And how to renew the contract for new smartphone devices.

Here is the case, A company in Malaysia has always been a Maxis customer. They register a total of 14 lines under their company name. One day, they ask us to check their contract to confirm whether they can renew the contract with maxis.

After we found out that most of their line contracts had expired, and they want to renew the contract. At the same time, they also want to take 3 iPhone 13 256GB worth RM13197 (RM4399*3) for their employees.

Most of our customers don’t know that if existing customers renew their contracts with Maxis. Maxis will actually give their customers some rebates or discounts to purchase phones.

In this case, the company can enjoy a total rebate of RM5716 for the purchase of the iPhone 13, and only need to pay RM7481 (RM13197-RM5715) to purchase 3 brand new iPhone 13 256 GB.

Apart from this, ordinary customers can also enjoy a lower price for iPhone 13 if they register business postpaid with us!!! The price after discount for all kinds of device model packages is shown below.

Maxis contract Check

Here are the specifications of the iPhone 13 selected by the company

Maxis contract Check

As we can see, there are 5 colors to choose from, namely red, starlight, midnight, blue, and pink. Since the market price is RM4399, now if you renew your contract with maxis, you can get this brand new iPhone 13 at a lower price.

So, what are you still waiting for? Click here to talk with us !!!

In addition, customers who register in the name of a company can receive a total of RM3000 grants from the government. The following is the company’s bill before receiving government grant

Maxis contract Check

After getting the grant from the government, the company just needs to pay RM897 every month for 2 years. Which can save RM 125 every month.

To claim the government grant, the customer just need to open a new line or transfer the current line from personal to business, then you should be eligible to claim the grant.

Maxis contract Check

In this case, this company can get a total rebate of RM5718 for the purchase of 3 new iPhones 13 256 GB after renewing the contract with us, as well as a government grant of RM3000. In total, we help this company save RM8716 !!!

After the company has confirm to renew the contract with us, below are the document that the company need to fill

Maxis contract Check

Registration Form

Maxis contract Check

Maxis Business Letter

Maxis contract Check

Government Grant Form

After the document is completed, the renewal is on processing !!!

Maxis contract Check

Maxis also will send an email to the customer for a payment request. The customer will need to make a payment to Maxis before they get their phone.

Maxis contract Check

Once Maxis receive your payment, the phone should be on the way to your address !!!

Maxis contract Check

This is one of the cases of examples of how companies or customers check their maxis business postpaid contracts. As well as the way to renew the contract for new smartphone devices.

If you are having interest in renewing the contract or buying a new phone for your employees, u can look for us here. We are always ready to guide you !!!

We are free to ask if you have any questions.