Sign up with maxis to get your brand new OPPO Find X3 Pro at the lowest price !!!

Currently, the market price for OPPO Find X3 Pro is RM4599. This phone is mainly aimed at users who are looking for 5G ready devices or business owners who need a high management level phone. Besides, since this device has early adopters of the latest technology so it’s also suitable for users who like to refresh their devices every 1-2 years.

In this phone, there are also some features such as Curiosity Amplified function, 129Hz Dynamic refresh rate, Fingerprint Quick Launch, Three Finger Translate, and Private system.

OPPO Find X3 Pro

If you’re planning to get the phone with the contract, you can consider signing up with maxis together with the phone. There’s a few plans & contract u can sign up for with us. Which are our Business Postpaid Plan and Zerolution package !!!

For more information about the package, you can refer to the following !!!

OPPO Find X3 Pro

For Maxis business postpaid, customers may only need a one-time payment of

  • RM2099 if sign up with MBP188 package
  • RM2199 if sign up with MBP 158 package
  • RM2699 if sign up with MBP 128 package
  • RM2749if sign up with MBP 108 package
  • RM2799 if sign up with MBP 98 package
  • RM3899 if sign up with Biz Start 48
OPPO Find X3 Pro

As Zerolution package with OPPO Find X3 Pro, customers need to pay an additional monthly fee as follows

  • RM129/month if sign up with 188 package
  • RM149/month if sign up with 158 package
  • RM159/month if sign up with 128 package
  • RM169/month if sign up with 98 package
  • RM179/month if sign up with 48 package

If you are interested in this kind of package together with phone, u  can contact us here !!! We will try to give you advice and guide you from A to Z. All is FREE !!! So don’t hesitate to look for us !!!

We are free to ask if you have any questions.