Let us share a real case with you and learn how we can help customers apply for government grant and buy a brand new iPhone 13 at the lowest price in the market.

Here is the case, customers who use 2 maxis personal lines want to apply for the iPhone 12 package. From here, we try to ask our customers if they are engaged in any business, because if our customers convert their personal lines into business, they may enjoy the RM3000 grant provided by the government.

Here is the mobile line and receipt that the customer needs to pay every month


Afterward understanding the customer’s situation. The following are the proposal we have made to let customers have a better understanding of the government grant and the iPhone package

iphone proposal

In case our customer changes their personal line to business, we suggested 2 options for our customer.

Option A: iPhone 12

  • Just simply convert customer current 2 personal lines to business
  • Able to claim government grant so just need to pay RM102 every month ( saved RM1025 for 2 years).
  • Just need to pay RM2466 to get a new iPhone 12 ( original price RM3599)

Option B: iPhone 13

  • Convert 2 personal lines to business, main line upgrade to 128, and 1 share line.
  • Able to claim government grant and just need to pay RM123 for every month ( saved RM1267 for 2 years)
  • Able to get a brand new iPhone 13 for RM2523 only ( original price RM3899).

In this case, our customer decided to choose option b, the iPhone 13 package. Because customers feel that they only need to pay an extra RM100 to buy the latest iPhone and enjoy a better package, which is very cost-effective.

As bellow is the conversation between our follow-up team. Our follow team is always ready to assist our customers.

maxis business team

Our team is following up on our new customer !!!


Preparing the document for customer to sign and cop !!!

The following are the document that customers need to sign and cop before sending them back to us

letter of request

Letter of request

maxis postpaid

Acceptance letter


SME Terms & Conditions

grant registration form

SME Grant Registration form

When all document stuff is complete, the application is under processing.


By right, Maxis will also send u a payment request before u get ur phone!!!

payment request

When maxis received your payment, your iPhone 13 is on the way to your location !!!

phone delivery

If you also run your own business, you would like to apply for government grant to buy a new phone as in the case described above. You can contact us or Whatsapp us. We will give you advice, and it’s all free !!! Feel free to contact us and we are always ready to help you !!!

We are free to ask if you have any questions.