Now, the WIFI GO  package with UNLIMITED DATA Plan and Unlimited internet is here to solve all your internet problems!!!

Let us share you some case on how this maxis 4g portable wifi works !!!

Below is the venue of an event. The organizer and staff need a stable internet connection for meetings. But, if you register for fiber internet, it is too expensive for a few days of events. That’s why they sign up for the Maxis wifi go with unlimited data package with us.

Unlimited Data
Unlimited Data

By signing up for the wifi go package, the customer will get portable wifi with unlimited data which allows the user to bring around !!! Whatever place u go for meetings, vacations, or even in a public toilet, the user may be able to enjoy a stable internet connection !!!

In case you want to know if the speed is stable? Here is a sample case who an owner of a dobi shop is requiring a Wifi Go package with Unlimited Data package because their area is not under Unifi or TIME internet coverage !!!

unlimited data

After we help them to set up the modem, we also help to test the speed over there !!!

As you can see, the speed goes BRRRRRRRRR. The owner of the dobi and his wifi is very happy because finally has a stable internet connection !!!

Moreover, if a customer signs up under a company name, the customer is eligible to claim the government grant up to RM3000 !!! There are still many benefits registered under a company name, such as bill rebate for every month, phone rebate if customer interested to buy a new phone and etc.

As below is the package we are currently offering!!!

Portable Wifi

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