Internet Of Things

Hye I am Sivaram, A Warm Welcome to my web blog about “WiFi Connection Errors.” Enjoy!

At some point in our lives, we have all run into difficulty. You can connect to your (new) WiFi network, but you are unable to connect to the internet. In 5 minutes, we’ll fix the WiFi connection but no Internet issue.

Internet Of Things

What Does It Mean to Really be Connected But Still not Online?


First, When your computer displays error messages such as Connected but no internet access or Connected but no internet, it signifies that your computer is properly connected to the network but unable to access the internet.

Secondly, If you get messages like Not connected, No internet, or No internet connection, it means your computer isn’t linked to a router at all.


  • Thirdly, Please double-check that there are no outstanding or past-due payment balances in Maxis Business Hub.
  • Check the TM Modems’ light status.
  • Restart the Maxis router as well as the TM modem. (Turn both devices off for 10 seconds before turning them back on.)
  • When the Internet is RED/OFF on the Maxis route, LTE will automatically fall back.
  • If the issue continues, please call Maxis customer service at 1800-82-1919.
Internet Of Thing
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