Dealing with a Difficult Sim Card Replacement Process

Here’s How to get a sim card replacement for Maxis Business.

Losing a mobile SIM card is a hassle, but for businesses that rely on mobile connectivity, it can be downright disastrous. Unfortunately, some Maxis Business customers have reported experiencing additional challenges when trying to replace a lost SIM card.
Here are some common issues faced and how to avoid them:

Step 1: Take from Maxis Center Immediately

Sample letter for sim card replacement

if you’re to get the sim card immediately then this the sample letter needs from your end to process the sim card replacement.

Get your Maxis Business SIM card replacement quickly with our sample letter. Download and print it on your company letterhead, fill in the mobile number and the name of the person who will collect the new SIM card, and have your director sign and chop it with their full information. Don’t waste time at the Maxis Center – use our simple guide for immediate results.

To avoid wasting time, make sure that you have all the required documents and information before heading to the Maxis center. Ensure that your authorized signatory details are up-to-date and match the records in Maxis Business’ system and make sure to have a copy of your company letter or registration documents ready when applying for a new sim card.

Step 2: Order from Maxis ONEHub portal

Maxis eSim Card
You can order the sim card via Maxis Business ONEHub Portal, select:
Account & Bill
Select the account you want
Select Service Management
Select the Mobile Number you want to get a new sim card

You may get in touch with us directly

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