First of all, we all now using smartphone but before us more of us also using cellphone and got many difference of using normal cellphones and smartphones.

Next, lets see what is the difference of using a smartphone and cellphones below;


Difference in cellphones

  • First, make calls to others.

  • Then, send texts using message apps.

  • After that, take photos using camera.

  • Later,¬† access the internet using GSM/3G.

  • Not only that, we also can play build in games for example, Snakes.
  • Moreover, its simple and basic
  • Finally, cost more cheaper than a smartphones.
new tech

Difference in smartphones

  • Firstly, make calls in phone app or other calling apps
  • Next, send text or pictures by sms and other message apps.
  • Can download different games and play by playstore/appstore
  • Can customize the wallpapers as we wish¬†
  • Clear camera as a DSLR cameras
  • Security using face and fingerprints.

As a conclusion, choose your side which you want to have either cellphones or smartphones and we have a plan for you too and have a look below;


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