Benefits of fiber optics

Firstly, Fiber optics is a cable that transmits information as light pulses across great distances using strands of glass or plastic fiber.

This cable will make our internet more speeder and better connection instead using a normal LAN cable.

Not only that, this cable also can give more distance connection like for an example, if we in a double story house and install modem in the first floor and the cable make more speeder even though we are in the second floor.


fiber optic

Benefits of using fiber optic

  • Fiber optic lines have a higher bandwidth and can transport more data than copper wires.
  • Signals are not emitted by fibre cables.
  • Fiber optic is safe to handle
  • Fiber cable will not produce electromagnetic interferenece
  • It is extremely difficult to connect taps to a fibre connection in order to intercept data transfer.
  • Temperature variations, severe weather, and moisture have little effect on fibre optic cable.

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