Sign up with Maxis to get your brand new iPhone 14 Pro Max at the lowest price !!!

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The iPhone 14 Pro Max is the first iPhone to have a new display cutout called “Dynamic Island,” replacing the notch that’s been in use since the iPhone X’s launch. Along with the iPhone 14, the iPhone 14 Pro models also add two-way satellite connectivity to contact emergency services when out of range of Wi-Fi and cellular networks.

The latest iPhone 14 Pro Max 128GB in Malaysia market starts from RM5799,256GB in Malaysia market starts from RM6299,512GB in Malaysia market starts from RM7299 and 1TB in Malaysia market starts from RM8299

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If you’re planning to get the latest iPhone 14 Pro Max with the contract, you can consider signing up with maxis together with the phone. There are a few plans & contracts u can sign up for with us. Which are our Maxis Business Package and Zerolution package !!!

For more information about the package, you can refer to the following !!!

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For Maxis business postpaid with iPhone14 Pro Max 128Gb  , you can get the phone for free if you sign up for MBP 98 , MBP 108 , MBP 128 , MBP 158 , MBP 188. Or else, you need to pay a

  • RM4341 if u sign up for MBP 98 or 108
  • RM4125 if u sign up for MBP 128
  • RM3909 if u sign up for MBP 158
  • RM3693 if u sign up for MBP 188
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Out of that, we also have our Zerolution package with the phone. For this package, customers may need to pay an additional monthly fee as follow (24-Months)(128Gb)

  • RM191/month if sign up with 188 package
  • RM194/month if sign up with 158 package
  • RM197/month if sign up with 128 package
  • RM209/month if sign up with 98 package
  • RM232/month if sign up with 48 package

If you are interested in this kind of package together with your phone, u  can contact us here !!! We will try to give you advice and guide you from A to Z. All is FREE !!! So don’t hesitate to look for us !!!

We are free to ask if you have any questions.

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