The new 4G unlimited data maxis business package will help to solve all companies who facing no internet issues or slow internet !!! As below, let us show you some cases of how it works !!!

Here is the case. The company is not covered by any optical fiber. Since they are still using D-Link and TM Streamyx packages, they are suffering from slow Internet issues.

d link modem

After they found us, we recommended our 4G unlimited data service package to them. Installation is also very easy.

fiber internet
fiber internet

We just need to bring the new Maxis modem to their office and switch all ports from the old D-link modem to our new Maxis modem. After that, just need to set up the sim card and then your internet service is ready to use !!!

By having our Maxis 4G unlimited data business package, the company finally can relief from slow internet issue .For those company or office who facing the same problem, you can also consider about this package !!!

Here, let us continue to share another case. For this case, we have attended an event and the event organizer has to look for us for our 4G portable wifi.

maxis modem

As the 3-day event venue requires network operations, but the cost of the fiber optic package for the entire venue is quite expensive. In this case, our 4G portable wifi is a solution to this.

fiber internet

All we need to do is just plug in the modem around the venue like picture above, then you should able to enjoy a stable internet connection !!!


As below, this is the package we currently offer !!!

Portable Wifi

This package is suitable for companies or households who encounter problems with slow internet speed or full fiber ports without internet !!! By now, signing up for this package will also allow the company to claim the government grant up to RM3000!!!

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We are free to ask if you have any questions.