Internet of Things

Internet of things know as IoT is a device that is we going to use in our futures such as smartphone. Why smartphone is because it is the first technology that come to the world with IoT skills inside.

Then after that every wearables and gadget as been out that named as IoT. This all the technologies will takeover our future as well.

After That, as we know that in this generation that we are facing now all are technologies for an example from a keypad phone we used to smartphone from a wrist watch we changed to smartwatch and from plasma TV to Smart Tv so this is how IoT works with human.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of IoT


  • It can help with smarter home and city control via mobile phones. It improves security and provides personal protection.
  • We save a lot of time by automating activities.


  • They are completely reliant on the internet and would be unable to function effectively without it.
  • There are numerous ways for systems to fail due to their complexity.
Internet of things

Lastly, This is how IoT works and all now use the technologies as daily basis and this the world is currrently become technologically and some even use electric cars as Tesla that cover with Iot features.

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