Sign up with maxis to get your brand new iPhone 11 at the lowest price !!!

If you’re planning to get the latest iPhone 11 on contract, you can consider signing up with maxis together with the iPhone 11.

As we know, Maxis is usually known as the top telco company in Malaysia which provides a valuable package at a reasonable price. For this iPhone 11 package, there’s a few plans & contract u can sign up for with us. The currently available plans to get iPhone 11 included Maxis Business Postpaid and Zerolution !!!

More information regarding the package is as below !!!

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For Maxis business postpaid, customers may only need a one-time payment of

  • RM1009 if sign up with MBP188 package
  • RM1225 if sign up with MBP 158 package
  • RM1441 if sign up with MBP 128 package
  • RM1657 if sign up with MBP 108 package
  • RM1657 if sign up with MBP 98 package
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As a Zerolution package, customers need to pay an additional monthly fee as follows

  • RM72/month if sign up with 188 package
  • RM75/month if sign up with 158 package
  • RM78/month if sign up with 128 package
  • RM91 /month if sign up with 98 package
  • RM100/month if sign up with 48 package
iphone 11

Currently, the price for iPhone11 128GB cost RM2599. It mainly targets the current users of iPhone 8 & below. In iPhone 11, Apple has improved its security feature, Which is Face ID. It is the most secure facial authentication in a smartphone. Furthermore, strong water-resistant to secure your iPhone 11 !!!

If you are interested in this kind of package together with iPhone 11, u  can contact us here !!! We will try to give you advice and guide you from A to Z. All is FREE !!! So don’t hesitate to look for us !!!

We are free to ask if you have any questions.