The introduction of the SME Digitalisation Grant by the government aims to support the digital transformation of SME businesses

Maxis offers a wide range of solutions to cater for different business needs.

maxis jaringan prihatin

Here is the real sample of customer requests what is the difference of the Maxis Personal Name vs Maxis Business Company Name

Maxis Personal to Company name

Refer to the above the person has 2 mobile lines with different telco service and there searching for new internet service for the new office. 

During introducing the Maxis Business Fibre Broadband 300Mbps + Free 2 units Mesh WiFi worth RM600 fee same time.

After switching to Company get the benefit up to RM5355 as:

1. RM242 Monthly bill
2. RM2484 Rebate from Grant
3. RM1599 Free Smartphone Device
4. RM672 Free eSMS & Voice Go Service
5. RM600 Free 2 Units Mesh WiFi

Maxis Business Fibre Broadband

Choose the 300Mbps above get Free Mesh WiFi worth of RM600

Maxis Business Dual-band router
Maxis Mesh WiFi
exter the WiFi

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