What is SME Grant? What does SME stands for?

SME = Small and Medium Enterprise

SME Digitalisation Initiative is a new government grant initiative to assist SMEs (small and medium enterprise) to adopt digitalisation in their business operations.

For SME Grant, there’s a 30% matching grant up to RM3,000 per SME account that brings a lot of benefits to small and medium enterprises throughout their business during the pandemic which lowers productivity of business among the enterprises. 

maxis business broadband

What is the eligible criteria for claiming SME grant?

1. The SME is at least 60% owned by Malaysian.

2. The SME must be registered under the relevant laws of Malaysia and classified as SME;

3. The SME have been in operation for at least one (1) year :

      a.  For the SMEs which has been in operation for one (1) year, the SME is required to have an annual minimum sales turnover of RM100,000.00 for the first year;

      b. For the SMEs which has been in operation for two (2) years or more, the SME is required to have a minimum sales turnover of RM50,000.00 for the preceding two (2) consecutive years.

4. Oh, SME grant can only be claimed once.


Wow, I am eligible! But how can I apply for SME Government Grant?

1. Get your proposal by contacting us!

The picture below is an example of proposal that we had came out for our customer, Jiejie A, to compare between her monthly personal postpaid lines and the company postpaid line with government grant.

Maxis Business for SME Grant

For what we can see from our proposal, Jiejie A’s postpaid personal lines are converted to company’s lines (fyi, SME grant can only be claimed under company’s name for postpaid plan.

In the proposal,

1. Jiejie A’s two personal postpaid lines (Celcom & Digi) are both converted to Maxis business postpaid lines with one main line – MBP 98 with 1 share line – MBP Share 48. With this main line + sub line, customer will get 1 free smartphone device which is Vivo V2, worth up to RM1,599. (Oh M Jee!! What?! Free Phone?? Yes!!)

2. We add on a new line – Biz Fibre 300mbps that only costs RM199 (data is unlimited btw !! :P)

3. By claiming Government Grant, eSMS (RM18 per month) and VoiceGo (RM10 per month) are for FREE of charge. 

4. From only 70gb and charging RM140 monthly, we manage to let customer experience equal and more than 70Gb and at the same time, unlimited data, for only RM242 per month (standard price is RM345, after claiming Government Grant it becomes RM242 monthly for 24 months)

After we came out this proposal, Jiejie A insisted that she doesn’t want a free device and hope to change it to Iphone 13 Pro or Iphone 13 Pro Max. So, we came out another 2 proposals with an option in each proposal.

Below proposals are the one we prepared for Jiejie A.

Maxis Business iPhone 13 Pro Max 256Gb

Proposal Iphone 13 Pro Max

So, this is the proposal we had came out for Jiejie A. She only has to pay topping up amount (discount by subsidy and postpaid plan!) to get Iphone 13 Pro Max 256gb. (yeah so cool she got Iphone price rebate leh)

Maxis Business for SME Grant

Proposal Iphone 13 Pro

Other than Iphone 13 Pro Max, we also do give another option to Jiejie A about Iphone 13 pro. (what a wide range of options for this jiejie, but why Iphone 13 Pro Max first?because this author prefers descending orders haha, not funny)

Maxis Business for SME Grant

Zerolution Proposal

Yeah, right. We also came out zerolution proposal since Jiejie A is eligible for Zerolution package and Jiejie A doesn’t wish to pay top up fees for her Iphone 13 Pro Max.

 2. Get to know MBP plan and make up your mind

After seeing all these proposals, let’s get to know Maxis Business Postpaid plan.


MBP is not just the point, Business tools in a low price that comes with our postpaid plans are also one of the main points of this whole thing! eSMS & VoiceGo can be free after claiming Government Grant under 24 months contract. Ya la ya la, Betul worth giler tau!

3. Apply with us and we will follow up with your applications!

Don’t know how to apply? Don’t worry, we got you!! Prepare needed documents and we will be the one to fill in your registration form for the submission.

Ha? Don’t know which documents to prepare? Tak pa la, click on the button below to visit the link (we have some samples of documents that need to prepare for applying SME Government Grant).