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Let us share with you a case on how we helped a SOHO BASED company apply for a grant and provide some rebates for their purchase of a brand new iPhone 13 Pro.


Here is the story, originally the company just used 2 mobile lines. A very cheap package, only RM 48 per month. When the company looking for us, they want to add a new mobile line as well to buy a new mobile phone. To this end, we suggested to them our Maxis SME plan.

In this plan, the company is able to claim the grant from the government. Through this way, the company can enjoy a more valuable plan with lower prices and get some rebates when buying a new phone.

The following are the proposal to the company

proposal for iphone 13 pro

The company has chosen the iPhone 13 pro package. So after adding a new mobile line and renewing the existing mobile line. The benefits they can get :

  • 3 mobile lines with a total of 70GB of data with RM224 every month. After the grant rebate, only need to pay RM157 monthly.
  • All 3 mobile numbers become unlimited calls, unlimited SMS and data can share among 3 lines.
  • Able to buy a brand new iPhone 13 pro at RM3786 ( original price RM3986).

Spec of iPhone 13 Pro


After they agree to sign up with us. We will start to order the phone for them and sent the document to them. They need to return the document after they signed and cop.

phone order

Afterward, Maxis will send them a payment request before they get their phone.

payment request

When Maxis received the payment, the phone is on the way to their location !!!

iPhone 13 delivery

Phone arrived !!!

device delivery status
iphone 13


The company is very satisfied with their new package and the new phone. So if u are interested in this kind of package, u can contact us here for more consultation !!! No matter your age, gender, or race, you can find us for more information !!! All for free !!!

We are free to ask if you have any questions.