Here the example of some personal line convert to Maxis Business with claim the Grant up to RM3000

Maxis Business case study

For example, this company existing just have as:
1 from Digi
1 from Celcom
2 fibre home broadband 

Mxisting with multiple brands and multiple bills with a personal name so after convert to the company name with Maxis Business Postpaid Plan enjoy Grant up to RM3000.

Current expenses with personal name monthly RM394

From Personal switch to Maxis Business Postpaid plan become RM424 after Grant Rebate RM125 (RM3000/24months) become RM299 monthly bill.

Maxis Business Phone Plan

On top of Grant Saving RM3000, Maxis Business Postpaid also give smartphone device for FREE with Value up to RM1668.

Most important keep the mobile number for 24 months without cancel and switch from a personal name to be the company name. if this request you can keep it then the above benefit you can enjoy also.

Let me ask you some questions:

1. Will you change your mobile number within 2 years?

Yes / No

2. Just remain your current monthly fee or it can reduce the monthly fee by 10%-20% will you consider it?

Yes / No

3. Do you or your family have any SSM / ROC documents?

If yes then the RM3000 and phone device belong to you

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